Who We Are

Our Mission

Community and employers invested in Central Oregon’s children, families and workforce to create and retain affordable, accessible and quality childcare by increasing the amount of childcare openings in Central Oregon.

Central Oregon Childcare Accelerator

Megan Norris was hired in November of 2019 to help tackle the childcare crisis in our region. She is working hard to create and maintain child care spots for Central Oregon kids. She will work with public and private partners to create programs and tools to offer high quality, affordable and accessible childcare spots to Central Oregon families.

Central Oregon Childcare Accelerator is coordinated by these organizations:

Central Oregon chambers know first-hand how the lack of childcare has impacted the work force and employers.


Working With Communities

A regional cross-sector partnership working collectively to improve education outcomes for children and youth from cradle to career.

We help others. When you understand how individuals and families are influenced, you can help make a community better.

The Central Oregon Health Council works to improve health care while both lowering the cost and raising patient and provider satisfaction.

Support People and Strengthen Communities

To create an efficient and effective early learning system to ensure all children in Central Oregon, prenatal through eight, receive the opportunities and supports they need to enter school healthy, prepared and ready for success.

We are a community of learners that provides innovative, high quality professional development that is accessible, culturally responsive and intentional for early learning educators and advocates.

Trauma, Resilience and Adverse Childhood Experiences

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